Posting On Purpose

Why should we take in consideration “Posting On Purpose?”
No matter what business you are in, what product or service you are offering, everything must be done strategically.
With all the tools, websites, social media platforms we have a pretty good choice as where to post our content and in what form or shape the content will be.

Posting On Purpose

Your content may be in the form of a blog post, a video, audio, images with quotes or tips, PDF … The shape of your content doesn't make any difference, what makes it powerful is that you should always begin with the end in mind.
What is it that you want the content that you are creating today to bring for you?
What is it that you want?
Is it leads, or traffic to tour your blog, Fan Page or your YouTube channel?
Do you need a cash flow and you are after the sales, what is it that you are after?

There are three primary purposes for posting, to begin with:
1. Posting On Purpose for Profit.
2. Posting On Purpose for Traffic.
3. Posting On Purpose for Leads.

That's the key; you have to have the end in mind before you start creating & promoting your content.
How do you start with the end result in mind?

We are using the Internet to distribute our content and Internet works on search.
Think about your experience, when you need something information, a pair of shoes, a new car, looking for a house …,etc., what is the first thing you'll do?
Most likely you will go on the Internet open up your favorite browser and do a search, just like everyone else. When you are looking for something, when you have pain, you'll go online and type the exact phrase that you need to to find out more about that solution.

When you start with a search, you can guide your visitors to your content blog post, video or whatever form you created your content.
When the search is done right, you can create something that calls organic SEO.
Now that you know what your target market is looking for and where they are searching, you need to create the solution and pull them with your content.
The process takes there three steps;
1. Do Your Research.
2. Create Your Content.
3. Distribute Your Content.

You have a product or service, create something helpful for your target audience and give it away to build your list of trusted subscribers.
This method of advertising is called Attraction Marketing, but without locating your audience, there will be a challenge for them to find you. And this is where we apply Posting On Purpose.

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