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Copy Writing Mastery

MLSP Co-Founder Brian Fanale is considered one of the best and highest paid copywriters in the industry. As MLSP's chief copywriter, Brian has written thousands of ads, e-mails, video sales scripts, and entire sales funnels that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for himself and affiliates all over the world. This course is a decade of intense study, real-life split tests, and Brian's best Mind-Control Copywriting Secrets all packed up in the most powerful & comprehensive copywriting course the industry has ever seen,‘Copywriting Mastery.' Fanale's controversial ‘Copywriting Mastery' teaches you his deadly persuasion copy secrets to hacking into the unconscious mind of your prospect where the BUYING decision takes place and begin to control their thoughts. One hour & 30 minutes Video.

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Insta Lead Magic

Find out how L5 Leader, EMT Member, and Instagram Queen Mrs. April Marie Tucker Got 30,000+ Instagram Followers and 21+ leads PER DAY with Instagram and How You can too! One Strategy that you can apply to your business on the go using your smartphone only..Instagram is growing fast and it’s HOT right now.

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The Deep Abyss

L6 Leader, EMT member, and Attraction Marketing Queen Diane Hochman wants to invite you to a Private Inner-Circle Mastermind to help get YOU the life of YOUR dreams. Diane has 15 years of experience in the home business industry, and bottom line she knows how to get results. Whether you're an affiliate marketer, network marketer, internet marketer, the fundamental principles for success are all the same… and that is what is dissected every single month in one of our most praised products, ‘The Deep Abyss.' Expect a LIVE interactive 2-hour+ long mastermind discussion each month, an active FB group for ongoing support, and enjoy all of our past archives so you can load them into your mp3 player and start to re-program your mind for success. You've never been a part of a mastermind quite like this one where the REAL dark secrets are told.

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My Prospecting Playbook

L5 Leader, EMT member, & prospecting powerhouse Bill Pescosolido gives you EVERYTHING he knows when it comes to becoming the #1 recruiter in an MLM with tens of thousands of reps. Download 50 minutes Interview with Master Prospector who has personally sponsored over 1,277 People into one of his businesses   

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Blogging 101

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